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Speaking :
I love to speak to people who want to be the best.
I customize my speeches for each audience. 
I am a coach who enjoys sharing my knowledge and passion about training with my audience. 

My favorite topics are:
  • Sustained Excellence 
  • Building a Championship Organization
  • Coaching– Building Champions in Sport and Life
  • Cutting Edge Athletic Development
  • Lessons I Have Learned
  • Functional Path Training
  • Guru or Coach
  • Moving to Learn 
Vern’s presentations are dynamic, informative and motivational.
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Gambetta Seminars are designed for physical therapists, athletic trainers, conditioning coaches, sport coaches and personal trainers who strive to be the best. Our seminars educate, motivate and inspire with the latest innovative ideas on training and conditioning and rehabilitating the athlete. 

They are a synthesis of sports science theory and practical experience. The concepts can be easily be incorporated into your programs. Build upon what you already do well and challenge your existing ideas. Expand your ability to design and implement a total conditioning and rehabilitation program.

Current offerings: 
  • Functional Path Training –
    Introduction to Functional Training 
  • Pumping Gravity – Functional Strength Training 
  • Legs, Legs, Legs –
    ACL Prevention and Rehabilitation
  • Speed to the Max –
    Developing sport specific speed
  • Core Training – Inside Out
  • Planned Performance Training™ – 
    Planning Training for Success
  • Power Up™ – 
    Plyometric Training for Performance and Rehab
  • The Overhead Athlete – Specific Exercises for Training and Rehab
  • Older and Better– Training the Masters Athlete 
  • Child to Champion – Training the Young Developing Athlete 
I would be happy to work with you to customize a seminar for your school, clinic or facility. This is a great way to meet your staff's continuing education needs in a cost effective manner. Gambetta Sports Training Systems (GSTS) can present an existing seminar or customize a seminar specific to your needs. 

Call us at 941-378-1778
or email sales@gambetta.com for the cost of a seminar or further information. 
Invite interested coaches, trainers and therapists in the area. You market the seminar and charge appropriately. Another successful approach is to share the cost of a program with another team, school or clinic in your community. GSTS will provide documentation for CEU’s and will advertise the seminar on our web site.