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Athletic Development Book: The Art and Science of Functional Sports Conditioning

Athletic Development Book: The Art and Science of Functional Sports Conditioning
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The goal of this book is to define the field of Functional Athletic Development. The content reflects my 38 years of experience as a coach coupled with the applied sport science. 

I am a coach, so it is written with the coach and practitioner in mind. This is not a cookbook of exercises and workouts, it is a work designed to explain the principles that underlie those workouts that make them successful.

Part I Elements of a Training System
  • Chapter1 A Functional Conditioning Framework
  • Chapter2 Factors Affecting Athletic Movement
  • Chapter3 Sport-Specific Demands Analysis
  • Chapter4 Options and Methods of Testing
  • Chapter5 Strategies for Performance Training
  • Chapter6 Program Planning and Fine-Tuning
Part II Physical Contributors to Performance
  • Chapter7 Energy and Work Capacity
  • Chapter8 Movement Aptitude and Balance
  • Chapter9 The Critical Body Core
  • Chapter10 Full-Spectrum Strength
  • Chapter11 Integrated Power Training
  • Chapter12 Linear and Multidimensional Speed
  • Chapter13 Multi-Phase Performance Preparation
  • Chapter14 Recovery and Regeneration
  • The Future of Functional Conditioning
  • References

Aimed at strength and conditioning professionals, as well as serious athletes and coaches across a wide variety of sports that are interested in challenging conventional wisdom and innovation and change to improve the athletes they are working with. This work covers all aspects of training from sport analysis and athlete evaluation to building speed, power and strength. It examines how theories and practices have evolved into today's state of the art methods for maximizing performance. From sport-specific demands to movement skill enhancement, training progressions to optimal performance, rest and regeneration techniques to training programs, this text covers all the bases in modern functional sports conditioning. 

Paperback: 344 pages 
By Vern Gambetta


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